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Magnificent is an Understatement to SimCity BuildIt

SimCity Free to PlaySimCity BuildIt is a common city prep work simulation in the starting glance. Suitably, EA explains his game as the manufacturing of a lovely, special city. To a wide variety of structures already existing, which have to be placed tactically sensible, to earn tax commitments properly? Resources might be produced, exclusive building opened as well as the transportation network and also the infrastructure created. In concept the game as a result represents the initial, albeit in slimmed down kind. Be prepared for prospective sticking points if you aren’t suitable to enjoy spending oodles of cash money on in-app purchases though.

The brand-new SimCity BuildIt title is free for all which want to analyze it out. EA put additional concentrate on the Play Store that it optimized for tablet computers; to see to it that is where you could possibly compile the perfect encounter. Structures upgrade immediately when they’re placed along broader roadways, given you’ve provided them the money and area around them to boost. Lay roads nevertheless you like yet a smart idea is to have one high-density roadway feeding off the entry point right into your city to function as the significant artery, then smaller sized roads branching off right into house along with industrial areas.

SimCity BuildIt is a magnificent game. I was really delighted to acquire it to try it out and at preliminary spent a practical quantity of time playing it. The enjoyment without delay applied off as I recognized that it is merely another one of those work to build or pay exuberant amounts of cash to act’ type of titles. It goes without saying the angle is hefty towards getting you to acquire premium money.

SimCity BuildIt is a management-where we will have the difficult work of altering land right into a totally fledged megalopolis. Undoubtedly this is the supreme goal, yet success is anything yet standard? To be successful in our goal as well as advancement the city will certainly keep eye on billions of elements that could develop the misery of its residents, called Sim, with dreadful threat that these could abandon our city as well as therefore generate addition to a decline in people, additionally to a minimize in earnings, the charges, which are straight proportionate to the happiness as well as joy of the Sim.

I’ve been playing various SimCity video games given that young people. SimCity has in fact continuously been a pure game of method with just well defined objectives in addition to acquainted game play that relied upon your capacity, not simply just how much real money you wanted to spend. With just BuildIt, each of this headed out the door. It would be flexing the reality substantially to also call it a SimCity game.

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Legit God Mode Mode Glitch for GTA Online

God Mode for GTA Online

This tutorial today is for you guys who are the type of person playing GTA V and GTA Online who loves to do just everything to have that advantage against everyone. What I am about to show you is how to do a glitch right here. This is basically a god mode glitch and there are tons a bullet holes floating around me in the air but I still have full health. You can see assault helicopters above me, and I’ve got five stars on my head. This is kind of throwback strategy back when I used to do tons of glitches but as you know, nowadays, glitches are becoming less common in GTA V, more so on GTA Online. Nevertheless, this is still pretty cool and that I should share it with you guys.

Now, let us start with the steps on how to exactly the glitch that I showed you. First what you need to do is to go to this location right here. As you can see it’s right on the edge of the city and you basically want to come right where I am halfway between this block. When you get there, you should see a little alleyway that goes down a slope-like shape. What you want to do is go over to the staircase and do some hardcore parkour. Then go to this last staircase and you will be  basically in this pool area for a hotel. The pool just looks like a regular pool but upon some further investigation, you’ll quickly find out that when you shoot at it it for some reason stops all projectiles above your waist. When you shoot in thin air, it basically shows the bullet holes right there. With that, you really don’t take any damage below that point.

To give you an idea, I will pull out all the different guns I have and its basically is not penetrating upon firing it. Now to top it off, I will show that the grenade is not doing any harm to myself. The biggest part in this is to crouch because as you can see, you’re only protected above your head. There’s a grenade and I am completely unscathed. Nothing happened at all. So, we’re going to toss a few more and I want to show you what happens when you don’t crouch. You can see there, I die pretty quickly. That’s because the explosive was on top of the invisible barrier so since I didn’t crouch I was not protected. The same thing happens with GTA Online found on most Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles out there. However a fully working one may be hard to find.

Overall, I think this gorgeous pretty neat trick. Whether you just want you and your friends troll people in GTA Online, or maybe survive a bounty, or you want to survive a wanted star,  whatever it is you want to do this swimming pool will actually give you quite a bit of fun.

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The Humor and Fun You Can’t Deny with Sims 4

sims 4 fun
A wise man once said, “There is always that child in us, no matter how old we are.” I personally believe such statement. I know it for a fact because I still consider myself a teen at some circumstance that this life gives me. The Sims series is back with the Sims 4, one of the most popular, if not the most popular, simulator game that has ever been made in my lifetime. Only this time, they there are something new and there are also things that are missing out from the comfort zone that we used to seeing. I can feel those who are complaining about this game after such moved. They’re understandably pissed. That’s what happens when you too greedy for a game. I am talking about this EA Games and Maxis tandem.

As for my personal opinion about what has happened with the Sims 4 and my first hand experience playing it, I think its not that all that bad. It just needs some time to get used to though. You know, when you have been used to seeing a particular thing and suddenly it is not there. That kind of feeling, if you know what I mean. However that does not take the fact that still this Sims 4 game is an incredibly entertaining experience. This game parodies everything from what we see in real life. You can create whoever you want to create as your Sim. You can even make it so realistic with the new Create-A-Sim featuring a powerful engine and graphical system.

The game gameplay is one a kind with all those things you can imagine from TV shows and politics, to American culture. Present and past. And all this provides a surprisingly smart backdrop, for a game that also embraces the absurdity of life. This is a life simulator game that is, at least structurally, what you’d expect. Create your sim, dress them up, accept tasks, take on careers, upgrade and level up your house, and finally get old and die. But it’s the absolutely ridiculous way the game approaches those things that’s what makes the Sims 4 so much fun. Why shoot for realism when you can have both fun and realism? Actually, that’s another one of the elements that makes the game stand out. So, follow this  if you want to get the latest information and list of features about Sims 4 crack for PC and Mac.

To be fair, the game doesn’t look all that great, and at times, there are some glitches in the animations. The tasks and career themselves aren’t terribly exciting, either. They’re the usual “eat, sleep, work,” “collect this,” “shut down that” kind of thing. But the game does such an amazing job with the gameplay and the humor, you never really get bored. You’re too busy playing with your character. And sometimes, that’s all I want from a game.

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iOS or Android – Hay Day Platform of Choice

Hay Day game for Android and iOS

Hay Day sounds like some more like an expression of someone who is at its peak than being a game. I know that is most what others think of the title of the game. Turns out it’s a mobile game that right now is making millions everyday. At first it was just available on iOS, now its ported to the Android ecosystem. Personally, I am a fan of this type of game because I used to play a lot of Farm Town. So maybe you’ve played that game also and perhaps would like to try Hay Day after hearing something positive coming out of my mouth right now. If that’s the case, I’m willing to bet it’s not on iPhone because most of the people I’ve asked plays on Android. It’s probably just me and my observation but as far as I have seen, it is always the case.

Anyway, either you play on iPhone or Android, it does not really matter because both of which has the same gaming experience because its basically the same game. It is an online game and players from both platforms are able to see and play with each other. Which is fitting because this is a game needs a big player base to make it more compelling and fun to everyone. It’s clearly designed for players that are more young and young at heart whose love falls for farming simulation. Not that its only for the youngsters but its more like design for those who have a lot of time to play which is not really speaking for the adults who kind of busy most of the time.

By the way as the name would suggest is about farming and growing different types of crops. You play as some guy and you will be entrusted to take good care and improve a piece of farm. Players refer to it as  “adventuring.” What you really end up doing is a combination of very different things that is related to farming — like growing trees and crops, animal raising, cleaning the farm, baking and cooking stuff, and even cooking. As I’ve said earlier this game needs relatively time consuming than any game out there because you spend half your time running errands (so called tasks and missions) for people, and growing crops. In other words, it is time consuming unless you use some exploits to it but it’s not easy to find a working  Hay Day online these days.

Anyway, there’s not much to the gameplay of Hay Day. And, the coolest thing about this game is definitely the progressing your farm to a lot more sophisticated and bigger one. Something that you can brag with your fellow players. As you level up , you can create more stuff for your farm. And there’s actually some pretty awesome features that will be unlocked. So for playability, I have to think this game’s a big improvement and a better one to the Farm Town of yesteryear. And it’s also got some additional content, with more than 100 unlockable items and some new minigames, too. The drawback, though is that it hasn’t gotten any aesthetic improvements. So the graphics, the sound it’s pretty much identical to the other titles of the same genre. By the way, it only costs nothing to play it and that is one strong point for the game. It’s a game that’s a bit too simple yet engaging and fun for anyone other than little kids.

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Stepping into the World of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Remakes

Let’s make this gameplay walkthrough and thoughts fast and easy for everyone to understand. I basically understand why you are all excited, me either. There’s a freaking Pokemon game by the name of Pokemon Omega Ruby that we all have been waiting for since the release of Pokemon X and Y last year. Is it too soon or is it really as exciting as its predecessor, or a mime, or a blackface controversy? The design of the game itself and its visual is pretty much the best so far with the best utilization of 3d, at least you can just grab your trusty starter Pokemon and be the best like no one ever was.

Well, I do understand if you have not even get to see a Pikachu until after you’ve completed the game? That is basically all the 493 monsters that came before are Pokemon-non-grata until you’ve become the champion? What the heck kind of hellhole are we dealing with here where something like this can happen? Oh, it’s New York. That explains it. This sixth generation of Pokemon Omega Ruby Rom tries a number of new things. Not content with the idea of just giving you one rival, they pin a companion at each end of the spectrum: One’s calm, calculating know-it-all, and one’s a free spirit who just wants to hug every Pokemon. However, you still get the criminal syndicate you’ve come to know and expect except this group, Team Plasma, are less concerned with money or land expansion or what not than just forging a new world order.

It’s not by any means “grimdark,” but compared to previous titles, you get the sense that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are a bit grittier, for whatever that’s worth. This is where we’ve come. Mechanically, the game’s undergone some slight but significant changes. Three-on-three battles have been added, thus introducing the concept of range to your team’s attacks. Or you can just stick all 3 Pokemon on a lazy Susan for a Rotation battle. Or you can put them all on a train, as instead of a Battle Tower or Battle Frontier or something almost reasonable, we’ve got a Battle Subway. And they don’t even offer five dollar foot longs. A new, almost paranormal zone called the Entralink allows access to nearby players’ worlds via local Wi-Fi, where you can terrorize them and earn bonuses for your own exploitation.

If you think Pokemon Omega Ruby is just “Get monsters and grind grind win,” all the changes in the world and all the plot development in the galaxy isn’t going to break you. But if you, as a kid, back in the original Ruby and Sapphire days, stepped into the World of Pokemon and enjoyed every species being something new and exciting, you finally have a chance to experience that in earnest again with the all new remakes.  And to top it all, most Gameboy gamers play Pokemon games by searching working Pokemon roms. Steps on that will be organized on the next article.

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The Importance of Boom Beach Defense Unraveled

Boom Beach Defense

If there is one thing that is one of the most important things that a Boom Beach player should prioritize aside from its offensive arsenal, it is going to be none other than the defense. I have been firm with this belief since a lot of the gamers nowadays are pretty much concern primarily on just fortifying their troops and armies and tend to neglect their base defense in general. Thus, they end up frustrated because every time they go online they will find their bases raided and defeated with barely remaining resources in it. We are going to turn the tables and help you guys out on how to be dominant both in offense and defense.

The very basic of defense in any base building like Boom Beach, Clash of Clans or even Throne Rush is to prioritize upgrading all defense structures before even thinking of upgrading the Town Hall and Headquarters respectively. In this example, my base is currently level 13. Thus, I am going to be upgrading all of my defenses to its maximum level allowable before I am going to upgrade my HQ to level 14. That means by the time I am at level 14, I am greater chances of defending my base from any attacks. It is just logical to do this because as you go higher in the food chain, opponents are becoming stronger making it difficult for you to gather resources especially if you are attacked constantly and resources are getting ripped out of your base.

As far as my base is concern, I already have made the upgrades although some are still in progress at the moment of this tutorial. All my rockets are maxed out. The same goes true with all my cannons. I also made sure to have a guardian statue to boost the health of my troops. The upgrades that are currently in progress are the following: sniper tower, machine guns, and flamethrowers. Of course the goal for these is to max it out before the week ends. I know this would be a lot easier with the aid of diamonds, but since I don’t want my audience to get left behind, I am not using any in game currency for that matter.

Boom Beach Hack is a game of strategy and not just skill like any other action-oriented game nowadays. Thorough planning is a must if you want to be successful as you progress with your level. Without it, things can go horribly wrong and it will cost you pretty much the countless hours of playing the game. Discover more here about Boom Beach and the best defensive base layout according to its level.

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Faster Internet for Faster Information – How is it Possible?

Fast Internet Connection

We are definitely benefited by the fast internet nowadays. I mean you might have been somewhere else instead of reading this blog of mind if not for the fast internet that are offered today by our ISP (Internet Service Providers). Though this is not something that is general because more than half of the world is still suffering from slow internet, if not absence of it. So how exactly does a fast internet possible?

Well it all started with a Swiss Physicist by the name of Daniel Colladon in the 1840s discovered a light can pass through a water pipe and still be able to lit at the other end. We will fast forward to around 170 years after that discovery, modern optic fibers are mimicking the same process as the ones illustrated above but with sizes as tiny as a human hair, even smaller I should say.  The next problem was to make sure that the light passing thru the minute fiber optics reach the other end. Well, to do that, it has to be done with a specific angle so that it wont get lost along the way. The angle should be less than 42 degrees.  With that, it’ll experience total internal reflection and bounce back and forth down the glass. Additionally, to make sure none of that light does leak out, the fiber optics optical glass is encased with a higher refraction index that can bend light back into the glass, then that’s put in a buffer coating.

To name some few facts about these modern fiber optics that our internet lines are using, one fiber can hold up to 10 million of phone calls. What the? More than that hundreds of these fibers are bundled to form the optic cable that we are seeing hanging around in the street. With such technology, information can be send a fraction of a second from one point of the world to the other side of it. but it does not end there. There has to be a form of coding and decoding, that is where modem takes its part. It is responsible for coding and decoding, sending and receiving it.  So, there you go. That is how fast internet is made to be in our present world.

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Ultimate Gameboy Ever Made in the Face of the Earth

Nintendo 2DS

If you have been following gaming trends for quite a while now, then you would know that one of the long standing portable gaming console of our time is none other than the Gameboy by Nintendo. The first ever Gameboy was released way back 1989. That is exactly 25 years ago. That is almost the same as my age. While most of us play with their smartphones today, having a portable gaming console way back 1989 is nothing short of head turner. Personally speaking, I played countless of hours with Pokemon and back in the day, I was so brave to sneak my Gameboy in school. I had to admit it, I am really a fan of the console and of course the game.

Now, talking about what I think today’s ultimate Gameboy would be, I am choosing the new Nintendo 2DS system. The thing about this one is that I chose the transparent blue one. Way back the 1990s, Nintendo used to make transparent variants of their console which I actually think are ones of the best as far as looks and design is concern. It shows you the internals of the device which makes it cool.

Going back with the Nintendo 2DS. I can’t consider it as a throwback device but it has this appeal of an old school kind of device. But since it came out the same date as the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby where released, it sort of bring backs memories knowing both of these games are remakes. If you know what I mean. Since this one is a new version of the console, it has basically the same accessories as the ones it precedes — the charger, the usb connector, the stylus etc. And it has this 4 gigabyte SD card included which is actually not bad. It can definitely store a game or two right there.

What I like about this 2DS compared to the Nintendo 3DS is that it actually feels way better in the hand — good job Nintendo for its design.  Gaming experience, I can say, is definitely better with this one. But one thing that I should point out is that it is not that pocket-able as its predecessors. It design is bigger and its does not support that flip style which makes the device a lot smaller when not used. And lastly, it does not support the 3D capability but for most casual gamers, like myself, it does not really matter. It is not a deal breaker. With that, I am going to close this by saying, Nintendo 2DS with this transparent body is the Ultimate Gameboy of choice for me.

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Does Recycling Plastic Bottles Help? – The Truth

Plastic Bottle Recycling
Technology is something that most of us view as good right? Well, at least it makes our lives or living easier. But come to think of it, where is this diseases coming from? Where is this environmental problems coming from? Aren’t these product of our evolving world where science and technology is the prime catalyst? Speaking of pollution, environmental advocates are currently encouraging everyone to recycle the waste products that every household and establishments are producing. Imagine how many plastic bottles and cans you are throwing everyday and multiply it by the number of household in your area, and multiply it by the number of days in a year — that would be freaking overwhelming right? Well, this is where recycling comes into play, but does it really helps?

To be more specific, in the US alone, plastic waste products account to around 12 percent of the solid waste. That is quite a waste product if you are going to really going into detail of that. Thankfully, plastic bottles are made to be more recycle-friendly because typically it is made of PET also known as Polyethylene Terephthalate. The overall process of recycling plastic bottles are made possible in a recycling facility which will grind it down and cleaned and then melted into nuggets. These nuggets will then be used once again to make plastic bottles but with less energy and cost.

On the other hand, if a plastic bottle does not end up into a recycling plant, it will have its dead end on a landfill. The problem with this is that this bottles are not like plants or animals which are biodegradable. Meaning, this will retain its form throughout the years of being dumped taking space and contributing to polluted lands. An average American, by the way, uses around 167 bottles a year. Multiply with around 350 million populace, that is a whopping 52 billion of bottles a year. The sad thing is that out of the 167 bottles only around 38 gets recycled and the rest gets thrown away somewhere where recycling is not an option.

Now to answer the question, does recycling helps? Definitely it does help. It helps save energy, save money, and save the earth!